Sharing your documents with the Community and/or search engines

By toggling “Share with Search Engines” or “Add to Community Profile,” you consent to make your Scribe visible to the public in both search engine results (Google, Bing, etc) and in the Scribe Community (which is accessible by every Scribe user). We trust that any Scribe you share with the Community is high-quality, accurate, and does not include any sensitive or copyrighted information. 

Community Scribes are used by others (outside of your team and company) to get their questions answered, so it’s critical that they find the content helpful and accurate. To cultivate trust with learners and serve them the highest quality content, Scribe reserves the right to moderate any Scribe you choose to share with the Community and Search Engines, including but not limited to the following ways:

  • Remove your Scribe from the Community if the content does not meet Community standards
  • Adjust the Scribe title and description to represent your Scribe most accurately
  • Add an app icon to represent the tool that the Scribe is created for

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