What's on my Dashboard?


Dashboard Overview

Your Dashboard is your Scribe homepage. It is the first page you will see when you login. Your Dashboard is the starting point for any action you want to do in your Workspace, and you can use it to access, manage and sort all of your Scribes and Pages. 

Dashboard Sections

Recent - the documents you have most recently viewed or edited 
Your Stats - aggregate statistics about your documents e.g. total creations and total views
Learn - guidance on how you can get started with Scribe and some helpful tricks and tips

The Scribe Navigation Bar

Let's start with some of the features it offers and how you would utilize them, on the left side of your dashboard you will find your Scribe Navigation bar - here are some of the options you can find there:

What's in My Documents

Your Documents folder is divided into three top-level folders:

My Documents - here you will find all documents you've created that are unsorted, "favorited", or have been shared with you directly via email

Shared with Team - the team's documents that have been shared among your Scribe Team

Private - documents created by you and not shared i.e. only viewable by you

Other Actions

On the right side of your dashboard, you will find more ways to invite teammates, start Scribe captures or Page creations and a feed of your own/your team activity: 



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