What is Smart Embed?

Smart Embed enables you to showcase your Scribes within other tools such as knowledge bases, document hubs, websites, etc. If your team has a place they're accustomed to going to look for your company's documented knowledge and processes, embedded Scribes are a great way to have your Scribes live wherever the rest of your institutional knowledge does. Our team's favorite thing about embedded Scribes? They stay updated in real-time - any time you update your Scribe, the changes are automatically reflected anywhere the Scribe is embedded!

It's particularly useful for:

  • Onboarding documentation for new hires who need guidance on both the context around the company and policies paired with tactical how-to guides. For example, create a page in a wiki that discusses company benefits and embed a Scribe that details the process for actually signing up for them
  • Help centers where customers may need context about a specific feature and then step-by-step instructions for how to enable it (like this one!)
  • Blogs and websites where authors want to discuss a process or topic and then showcase how to actually do it (kind of like what we're doing here!)

Note - Smart Embed will work on any platform that supports iframe embeds, the tools covered in this help center are just the tip of the iceberg! To get started embedding Scribes, you'll need to get your Scribe's embed snippet.

Getting a Scribe's embed snippet code


Adjust your embedded Scribe's appearance

To ensure your embedded Scribe looks the way you'd like it to, you have a few adjustable options. Choose to adjust between scrolling steps or tile view (featured here) or remove Scribe branding (Pro or above only!)


Getting a Page's embed snippet code

Yes - you can embed Pages too!



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