What’s included in my Pro plan invoice?

Monthly Billing

When you upgrade to Pro you will be charged immediately for the Team you are upgrading and every user within the Team will constitute one Pro license. If you make any changes to your team makeup before the next billing interval (i.e. teammates are added or removed), those changes will be reflected on your next invoice as prorated credits or charges accordingly.

For example, if you have a team of 3 and choose to upgrade to Pro, you will be charged immediately the following amounts depending on if you have selected Pro Team or Pro Personal:

  • Pro Personal monthly: 3 users * $29 per user = $87 per month
  • Pro Team monthly: flat rate $75/month for up to 5 users and then $15/month for each additional user

Annual Billing

If you are on the annual plan, the billing works very similarly. You will be charged on the day you upgrade for the entire upcoming year. You will only receive a monthly invoice if your team size changes, otherwise, you will receive your next invoice at the end of the annual billing period (i.e. 1 year from upgrade). Monthly invoices include prorated charges and credits for the remainder of your billing period.

If you have any more questions regarding your invoice, you can always reach out to our Support Team through the link below this article.

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