Using the Scribe extension

The magic of Scribe is all made possible because of our extension. The extension allows you to turn a few clicks on your computer into a beautiful process document - in seconds! 

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The extension is where most users prefer to begin their Scribe capture, so let's get you acquainted.


Team name

Some users are members of multiple teams, so we'll always display your current team in the extension. This helps you know what team your Scribes will be saved in.

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'Start Capture'

This glorious purple button is what you'll click to begin your Scribe guide capture.

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Scribe Sidekick will automatically surface any Scribes from your team for the particular website that you're on. This is super helpful when you have a question on a particular website - just click into the Recommended Scribes section to see every Scribe made by your team or from the Community. There's also a search bar and filters for you to quickly find what you're looking for.


'Stop Capture'

Most users complete their Scribe captures from the on-screen capture controls (that blinking red dot in the corner of your screen). However, you always have the option to complete your capture by selecting the extension and clicking 'Stop Capture.' 


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