Ensuring no sensitive information is showing up in my Scribe screenshots

It’s critical you’re protecting employee, personal and customer information, but that shouldn’t slow you down when it comes to documenting processes. This article walks you through the three different ways Pro and Enterprise users can ensure no sensitive information is captured in your Scribes.


Manual Redaction 

Pro and Enterprise users can manually redact information out of individual screenshots. This is the preferred method if you only have a few pieces of sensitive information to redact. Learn how to redact here.


Smart Blur 

Pro and Enterprise users can use Smart Blur to blur out sensitive information before beginning a Scribe capture. Smart Blur works at the Scribe level and must be toggled on for every captured Scribe. It is currently available through extension capture only (not the desktop app.)

Users can choose between 7 types of sensitive data to blur automatically: email addresses, numbers, common names, long text, form fields, table rows and images. Just click the toggle next to any of the data types you wish to blur, and you'll see a blurred effect will be automatically applied to any of those data types actively showing on your screen, so this information is redacted as you capture.

You can also add a blur effect to any specific elements you select throughout the capture process. This is great if you need to blur a particular data type that's not listed in our menu.



Smart Privacy Screen

Enterprise users may have top-down redaction requirements that need to be set at the organizational level. Smart Privacy Screen can be set by Admins in Settings and will have their choice of hundreds of data types to blur out across all Scribes. This is the most restrictive type of redaction we offer. Admins can enable Smart Privacy Screen such that employees cannot disable Smart Privacy Screen. 

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