Managing your Scribe account


Update your Profile Name or update your Password

Your Profile Name will appear on all of your documents. If you'd rather use a different name or a team name, changing the name in your profile will do the trick. Alternatively, if you have a Pro workspace, you can choose to toggle this name setting off, so the author name is not shown on the document (this setting is in the Scribe editor sidebar under Customization).


Changing the email associated with your Scribe account

If you need to update your email address or would like to have it changed, follow the steps listed here:

Logging out of Scribe

Delete your Scribe account

If you are looking to delete your Scribe Account, you will need to reach out to Scribe Support (click "submit a request " above). Keep in mind that you will need to reference the email address associated with the Scribe account you want to delete and request account deletion.

When Scribe accounts are deleted, all of the documents owned by that account will also be deleted. If this is not feasible, consider changing ownership for the documents your team would like to keep or removing the user from the team (previously owned documents will move to an Admin's ownership).




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