Adding or reordering steps

Forgot to add something to your Scribe? No problem, you can always add more steps manually or via additional capture.


Adding steps manually to your Scribe

If you would like to replace a step, you will need to delete the one you wish to replace and add a new one.

Tip - if you are a Pro or Enterprise user you can also manually upload screenshots to accompany your manually uploaded text instructions.


Adding new steps via capture

Note - Scribe currently has a "soft" limit of 200 steps - our software will auto-stop capturing at this point. The purpose of this is to prevent users from starting a capture and forgetting to stop an ongoing Scribe capture. However, you can easily create Scribes that contain more than 200 steps by adding more steps via capture directly from the Scribe itself. Any additional steps captured would be added inline.


Reordering Steps in Your Scribe


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