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Welcome to Scribe! πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

We're so happy you're here. 

Scribe helps you create step-by-step guides instantly. So, as you can imagine, our goal is to show you how to get started with Scribe asap. 

Here are a few simple steps for you to capture, edit and share your first Scribe. 

  1. Wait up - what is a Scribe?
  2. Capture a Scribe
  3. Edit a Scribe 
  4. Share a Scribe

BTW, if you prefer to read this New User Guide in Scribe, click here. Let's get started! 

Before we dive in: What is a Scribe?

A Scribe is a step-by-step guide with screenshots, text, cursor clicks, links and more. 

Your Scribe will be automatically generated just by turning on the Scribe software and walking through your process. 

It's pretty magical, and infinitely better than manually copy/pasting screenshots into a Word Doc, recording a Loom video or live trainings. 

This is what a Scribe looks like:

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 10.35.10β€―AM.png


πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸ’» Step 1: Download the Scribe extension or app

Scribe offers multiple ways to use our tool: browser extensions and desktop apps.

Download a browser extension:

All users can use either our Chrome or Edge extension to capture browser-based apps and processes.



Download a desktop app:

Pro and Enterprise users can also capture desktop-based apps and processes by utilizing our Mac and Windows desktop apps.



πŸ“Έ Step 2: Capture

A Scribe is a step-by-step guide automatically created for any digital process. In order to capture a Scribe, all you have to do is turn on the Scribe capture function (via either the browser extension or desktop app), walk through your process as you normally would, and turn it off when you're done. How easy is that?!



✏️ Step 3: Edit

Scribe does all the heavy lifting to automatically turn your process into a Scribe. If you want to customize your Scribe to make it even more perfect, we offer a plethora of editing tools.



Pro or Enterprise users can also edit your screenshots to crop, annotate or redact.



πŸ“¬ Step 4: Share

Scribes are meant to be shared, so we offer a handful of different ways you can share your Scribe with teammates.



If you want to embed your Scribe into other tools you're already using (knowledge bases, wikis, etc) you can easily do that with our Smart Embed functionality. Some of the most popular tools users embed into are Confluence, Sharepoint, Notion, Guru and Hubspot.




🀩 And that's it! In just a few minutes you've captured, edited and shared your first Scribe with teammates or clients.


πŸ’‘Other helpful tips:

Outside of creating Scribes, there are 2 other things new users find helpful to know about.


Your Workspace 

Your Workspace is your home base in Scribe. All your navigation lives on the left (Dashboard, Documents, Search and Teammates). Here are some deep dives into core parts of your Workspace.



The Dashboard shows Scribes and Pages that you and your teammates recently created and viewed. Browse relevant content to help you learn and get inspired.




Manage Scribes and Pages in a single place. Quickly search for documents by filtering between Shared, Private and Saved.



Want a more comprehensive tour of your Workspace? Check this out.


Create a Page

Pages allows you to add multiple Scribes to a custom process document alongside text, lists and video. Create beautiful onboarding guides, training materials, SOPs and more - in minutes.



Check out these Scribes for step-by-step instructions on how to create Pages:



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