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Scribe Pro_Tag-small.png unlocks advanced features that enable you and your team to more easily create SOPs for your business needs. Some key feature benefits include:

Additional Capture options

  • Desktop Capture: Capture Scribes for desktop-based processes with the Mac and Windows desktop apps. The desktop capture also works for processes that involve a mix of desktop and browser actions.
  • Mobile Scribe creation: Want to create Scribes for mobile processes? Pro users can log in to their workspace on their mobile browser, upload mobile screenshots, and place the click target on each screenshot.


  • Screenshot editing: Pro users can crop, annotate and redact screenshots using our screenshot editor.
    • Crop allows you to focus viewers only on important parts of your screenshots.
    • Annotate allows you to add shapes and drawings, and move the click target to a more desired location.
    • Redact sensitive information out of your screenshots and ensure no customer, employee or personal data ends up in your Scribe.


  • Remove Scribe branding and add your logo: Pro users can remove all Scribe branding and add their company logo to the top of all Scribes and Pages. 
  • Advanced export (HTML, Markdown & Confluence): Users wanting to export the content of Scribes (text and screenshots) and paste it in a third party tool can do so with HTML and Markdown export. Confluence users can also set up an integration to push their Scribes directly into Confluence.

Follow the steps below to find out how to upgrade to the Pro_Tag-small.png Plan:


Please find the full list of feature differences here. All Pro features are also available in the Enterprise package. 

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