Scribe AI: Overview and FAQs


Scribe AI creates detailed SOPs, help centers, user guides, and more for any business process — so you can focus on the process, not the documentation.

Ask AI to write your process documentation

With Scribe AI, you can easily transform a blank page into a comprehensive and contextual process document with just a few prompts.

Scribe AI works best with a strong prompt. While writing your prompt, keep these tips in mind.

  • What type of document do you want? SOP? New hire onboarding guide? Tool implementation guide?

  • What tools are covered in this document? This is super important! We will also recommend Scribes to include based on what tool you type in.

  • Who is this document for? A new hire on the Account Executive team? For all employees? For managers?


Ask AI to improve your process document

Once Scribe AI has created your process document, you can ask it to improve the grammar, tone, and spelling. This functionality is also perfect for users who wrote the initial document and want a second pair of eyes to edit it.

Here are the edit capabilities you can use:

  • Improve writing

  • Fix grammar

  • Make professional

  • Make friendly

  • Summarize

  • Expand



What should I use Scribe AI for?

Scribe AI is generative AI that writes process documents, such as tool overviews, onboarding guides, and help centers. Most processes are complex and include multiple Scribes (step-by-step guides), so Scribe AI saves you time by writing the additional context (the who, what, when, where and why). If you need to create a single document for multiple processes, then we'd recommend using Scribe AI to help generate the text. 


What's the difference between Scribe and Scribe AI?

Scribe creates step-by-step guides for your processes. Scribe AI can take multiple Scribes and add additional context to create a robust process document. 


Can you give me some examples of good prompts to use?

When writing an AI prompt it's helpful to answer the following questions:

  • What type of document do you want? 
  • What tools are covered in this document? 
  • Who is this document for?

Some examples of good prompts are:

  • Write a tool overview for Asana that everyone in my company can use. 
  • Write a help center for my company's product, Happy AI.
  • Write a process overview for how my Sales team uses Salesforce.

Make sure that after writing your prompt, you include every Scribe you want to be placed in your document.


How will my data be used?

We use the OpenAI LLM APIs, which have a strict set of limitations on how data can be used. We do not allow OpenAI to use your data to train our or their models. All data is discarded after 30 days, so it is processed but not stored by OpenAI and is only used for purposes of service provision. Finally, OpenAI has a signed data protection agreement with Scribe that binds the vendor to the same or more rigorous security controls that Scribe implements (e.g., data encryption, backups and retention measures, etc.).


Scribe AI is just generating text. Why should I use Scribe AI vs ChatGPT or another AI tool?

While Scribe AI can create a document with just text, the main benefit of using Scribe AI is that you can ask it to include numerous Scribes from your workspace in the process document. Scribe AI is the first AI platform that pairs generative text with company-specific processes, but you need to select the Scribes you want it to include in order for your process document to be specific to your company's processes and tools. 


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