What is the "Guide Me" option to view Scribes?

You can pop out your Scribes to follow along within whatever website you’re using. Before, you had to switch between tabs or move the Scribe to another monitor in order to follow step-by-step. This new viewing experience allows for you to easily follow along within the website you’re using.




For any Scribe created using the browser extension, viewers will see a "Guide Me" option on steps that contain links. If they click this, it will take them to the URL the Scribe was captured on and the Scribe will pop out in an overlay view so viewers can follow along directly in-context while doing the task.

You can also pop out Scribe via Recommended Scribes. Simply open the extension, click into Recommended Scribes, and click the Scribe to pop it out. 

You can only view Scribes as a pop out for web-based Scribes and if you have the Scribe extension downloaded.




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