Setting up SCIM

Many organizations use SCIM directory management systems (such as Azure) to securely automate the exchange of user data with service providers. Scribe's Enterprise customers can seamlessly provision and de-provision users in their Scribe organization using SCIM.

Set up 

We're happy to help any Enterprise customers with over 50 creator licenses get set up with SCIM. If you're an existing customer and would like to get access, please reach out to for your setup link. Once the setup is complete, your Scribe System Administrator can follow the below steps to configure the SCIM mappings within Scribe.

If you're a prospective customer interested in SCIM, please contact our sales team at

Best Practices

System Admin

At a minimum, the System Admin group must have access to at least one Scribe team (to be able to log in and access the application) before you can enable SCIM.

Assigning User Groups to Scribe Teams

A user group can be mapped to a specific Scribe team with certain permissions (Admin, Creator, Viewer). A user group can be mapped to multiple Scribe teams, as needed. To ensure a seamless transition and prevent any disruptions or loss of content, it is highly recommended that all active Scribe users are mapped to their current teams before enabling SCIM. This will help maintain continuity of content ownership and minimize any potential interruptions for your users.

Inviting Users

All user invites will now occur through your identity provider (IDP).

Deprovisioning Users

When a user is removed from your identity provider (IDP) they will no longer have access to their Scribe account. They will appear as a "deactivated" user in Scribe and will no longer take up a Scribe license. Deactivated users in Scribe will still "own" any content they've created, and their content will still be accessible. The System Administrator can decide to transfer their content to a different user or team if needed.


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