Sharing your Scribe

Scribes and Pages are meant to be shared!

You can share them with individuals, your Scribe team or make them public (anyone with the link will be able to view your Scribe). Note that Pages have very similar sharing settings as Scribes do - this article will show you how to share a Scribe, but the same can be applied to any Page! Consult the Scribes below to learn how to share Scribes.

Specific sharing settings

  • Not Shared = Viewable and editable only by you.
  • Shared with Team = Anyone on your team can find and view the document (you can toggle between view and edit permissions for the rest of your team at the document level).
  • Shareable with Link = Anyone who has access to the link can view the document regardless of whether or not they have an account. Your Scribe team will also be able to find this document in their Workspace.

If you share your document with specific individuals via email, your document share setting will show "Restricted."

How to share your Scribe


Setting team-level permissions by document

In case you will be sharing your Scribes with entire teams, here's how you set permissions on a team level.


Link to a specific step in your Scribe

Sometimes you want to share a Scribe and direct the viewer to a specific step. Here's how you can share a specific step within your Scribe.



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