Exporting a Scribe to HTML

Pro_Tag-small.png and ENT_Tag-Small.png users can export their Scribes to HTML if you prefer to host the Scribe content in a 3rd party tool. Common tools our users use HTML in are Word Docs and Google Docs. Exporting to HTML allows you to copy the text and screenshots in your Scribe and paste them into another document. The downside of exporting to HTML is that it will not automatically reflect any changes made directly to the Scribe - you will have to re-export to HTML. 

If you are an ENT_Tag-Small.png user, please note that HTML export is disabled by default for your account, and it is controlled by the account System Admin. If you would like this form of export enabled, please have your System Admin send a request to support@scribehow.com

Below is an example of a Scribe exported as HTML and pasted into Google Docs with edited font and color.



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