Updating to the newest Scribe Windows app

In November 2023, Scribe released a new and improved Windows desktop app for Pro_Tag-small.png and ENT_Tag-Small.png users.

This new version streamlines your experience by acting only as a capture tool, freeing you to manage Scribes in your internet browser.

Now, when you want to create a Scribe using the desktop app, you’ll turn it on, go through your process, and complete the capture. Once done, that Scribe will automatically open in your internet browser for you to edit and share it. Want to access your Workspace? You’ll do that in the browser at www.scribehow.com.

This brings Windows users’ experience to parity with Mac and browser-only users and allows us to deliver the best, fastest and most streamlined experience to you.

What’s new:

  • Easier to use: We’ve radically simplified the application interface so that it’s super straightforward to use. Now, you’ll use the desktop app just to capture your process, and everything else will be handled by accessing www.scribehow.com in your browser.
  • Faster and more reliable: The new app requires far less computer storage and resources to run, ensuring the fastest, most reliable capture experience.
  • More control: You have additional options for what you want Scribe to capture (keyboard input, special keys and labels) before turning Scribe on, giving you more control over step instructions.

How to update to the newest Scribe desktop app:
Step 1: Uninstall the old Scribe desktop app.
Step 2: Download the newest version here.

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